Blast hole dth pneumatic mine drilling rig machine

DTH drilling rig is hydraulically driven to perform travelling, propelling, rotation and angle adjustment with strong power; relying on high pressure pneumatic impact, it is efficient in drilling rock; it is equipped with hydraulic dry dust collector to collect dust and reduce pollution to the environment.

KG9 surface DTH drilling rig also equipped with linear rod loading and unloading system, float joint and automatic oil sprayer (for protecting rod thread), air-conditioned cab (providing comfortable working environment), automatic control and anti-sticking prevention system (reducing probability of sticking). This DTH drilling rig is featured by high automation, energy saving and high efficiency, comfort and environmental protection, easy operation and safe travelling.

Products Details

Product overview DTH drilling can be performed in almost any rock drill-ability category. It is a common drilling equipment in the natural gas extraction, mineral extraction,drilling water wells, construction, creating oil wells. DTH drilling rigs can be equipped with diesel or electric motors according to different working conditions. During the rock drilling process, the impactor sneaks into the borehole, which can reduce the energy loss caused by the impact of the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the drilling depth on the borehole. Specification
Rig model ZGYX-453
Rated power 230KW
Drilling depth 30m
Drill pipe size Φ76*3000MM
Drill pipe storage 7+1
Hole range Φ90-138mm
Rotation torque 2800N.M
F.A.D 16M3/MIN
Working pressure 17bar
Pull up force 31KN
Track frame oscilation 10 degree
Tramming speed 3KW/H
Gradient 30 degree
Weight 15000KG
Size 9000*2300*3000MM

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