Casing Advancing Systems ODEX 140

When working,the bit is larger than the tube of DTH-hammer,and the tube can be brought into the hole.After drilling the hole,the bit can be recovered from the tube.which can be used for all kinds of possible hole collapse condition.Save oil for air compressor.

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Eccentric casing drilling system is today’s preferred method for drilling in difficult ground conditions, for example, where there are boulders or loose formations.EDS is the most economical solutions because its ingenious reaming wing the bit is retrievable can be used at the next hole. This is particularly design for shallow holes, as is often the case in water well drilling, geothermal wells and for shallow micro-piling work. EDS is ideal for short holes in consolidated overburden. The component of Eccentric system consists of Pilot bits, Reamer bits, Guide device and casing shoe.

When drilling, the reamer bit will rotate out to enlarge the hole which enough for the casing tube slide down behind the reamer. When reached required depth, the drill pipe will drill to the reverse direction and the reamer bit will retract, it is allowing the whole drilling system to pass through the casing.

The below size of Eccentric systems which are available, and the special design is upon customer’s requirement:
Eccentric 90, Eccentric 114, Eccentric 140, Eccentric 165, Eccentric 190 and Eccentric 240

- Geothermal well drilling
- Water well drilling
- Pipe roofing(umbrella arch drilling)
- Foundation work
- Anchoring

 Outer Dia. of Casing Tube  Inner Dia. of Casing Tube  Reamed Dia.  Min. Inner Dia.of Casing Shoe Hammer Type  Drill Pipes
mm mm mm mm   mm
108 93-99 118 86 TDS79 76
114 101-103 127 91 R56,T38,TDS79 76
127 114-116 136 101 TDS79 76
140 124-127 152 117 TDS98 76
146 127-132 154 117 TDS98 76
168 149-155 184 140 TDS122 76,89
178 159-165 194 150 TDS122 76,89
193 173-180 206 166 TDS139 89,114
219 199-206 234 193 TDS139,TDS180 89,114
245 224-231 260 210 TDS180,TDS220 114
273 251-257 300 241 TDS180



1. In not stable rock formation, the casing is necessary to follow.

2. Usually in water well drilling, for large hole boring.

3. Drilling depth is better less than 40 metres to control the hole well.

4. Match to 6" hammer and 194mm casing tube.

5. Air pressure is 20 Bar and air volumn is 500 cfm.

 6. The tools is fetched out to use in the next holes.


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