Intergrated surface down the hole mine drilling rig machinery

1. Has a strong climbing ability and adaptive to the rough pavement.

2. Adapt to a wide range, can be furnished with various types of DTH impactor, can drill different diameter and different depth in variety of position and angle.

3. Also can be furnished with dry or wet dust collector when working, effectively reduce dust pollution to the environment, and protect the worker. 4. Anti-jamming system, safety operation.

5. Crawler type undercarriage with track oscillation system.

Products Details

Product overview The integrated down the hole drill rig is driven by the Cummins China stage III diesel engine and the two-terminal output can drive the screw compression system and hydraulic transmission system. It is capable of drilling φ90-125mm vertical, inclined and horizontal holes, mainly used for open-pit mine, stonework blast holes and pre-splitting holes. The drill rig is equipped with the automatic rod handling system and lubricating module of drilling rod, resulting in one operator and fewer mining operations. The main control action is integrated to one handle, typical of user-friendliness. It is equipped with the anti-jamming system and optional drilling angle and depth indication are available, thus simplifying drilling and improving the drilling quality. The efficient dust-collecting system, spacious cab, high-powered air-conditioner and quality stereo system provide ideal conditions for operations, contributing to the highest working efficiency. Specification
Rig model ZGYX-453A
Rated power 230KW
Drilling depth 30m
Drill pipe size Φ76*3000MM
Drill pipe storage 7+1
Hole range Φ90-138mm
Rotation torque 2800N.M
F.A.D 16M3/MIN
Working pressure 20bar
Pull up force 31KN
Track frame oscilation 10 degree
Tramming speed 3KW/H
Gradient 30 degree
Weight 13500KG
Size 9000*2300*3000MM

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